One Hundred and Twenty Fifth Show Playlist – 8th October 2013

Welcome to the playlist for the regular Fade To Yellow cloudcast

You can listen to the podcast anytime here at

The plan for these podcasts is to feature an artist or record label, and play a track from each of their releases interspersed with tracks from other artists.

The theme for this weeks show is Compilations, with recent Post-rock compilation albums being released in Chile, France and Indonesia, I thought it made a perfect theme for a show.

1 Tortuganonima Dan Cob Chile Post-rock Compilation 5.51 Self Released Chile 2013
2 Gavin Miller Ichor Wards 10.00 This Is It Forever Records England 2013
3 The Fierce And The Dead Spooky Action Spooky Action 3.16 Self Released England 2013
4 Sarah Neufeld Hero Brother Hero Brother 4.49 Constellation Records Canada 2013
5 Syberia Tidal Waves Drawing A Future 8.34 Self Released Spain 2012
6 Afternoon Say Light Of Life A Song For Indonesia 5.15 Self Released Indonesia 2013
7 Row Boat By Winter’s Night ETT 5.58 Self Released England 2013
8 Awaken The Echoes Running Against Time Glow 6.44 Self Released USA 2013
9 Kanina #5 A Short Story 2 6.12 Self Released Japan 2013
10 Esmerine Barn Board Free Dalmak 4.08 Constellation Records Canada 2013
11 Thalamos Tomorrow Forever Qu’allons-nous fairesi loin d’ici? Vol 2 4.58 Self Released France 2013
12 Light Of Neverland On Image And Things A Song For Indonesia 4.26 Self Released Indonesia 2013
13 Tortoise Magnet Pulls Through Tortoise 4.38 Thrill Jockey USA 1994
14 Gabriel Molina Vamos a Jugar Como Cuando Eramos Humanos Chile Post-rock Compilation 3.36 Self Released Chile 2013
15 Artirial Home Single 6.52 Self Released Iran 2013
16 Desierto Cobra Xibalbá Chile Post-rock Compilation 4.46 Self Released Chile 2013
17 Herod Collapse Umbra 4.04 Sinewave Netlabel Brazil 2013
18 The Television Sky A Roan Foal Single 3.39 Self Released Australia 2013
19 Jacob Brant Whistleblower Rainmaking 7.33 Attenuation Circuit England 2013
20 Maybe Starry Skies Persei Qu’allons-nous fairesi loin d’ici? Vol 2 7.09 Self Released France 2013
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