One Hundred and Eighteenth Show Playlist – 4th June 2013

Welcome to the playlist to the second regular Fade To Yellow cloudcast

You can listen to the podcast anytime here at

The plan for these podcasts is to feature an artist or record label, and play a track from each of their releases interspersed with tracks from other artists.

The featured artist for this show is the band from Mexico, The Polar Dream

1 The Polar Dream The Singing Trees Follow Me To The Forest 4.11 Self Released Mexico 2011
2 Twigs & Yarn Cassiopeia Single 6.42 Self Released USA 2013
3 Dalot Your Hands Single 3.52 Oxide Tones Greece 2013
4 Mandelenda What A View (What He Saw Before The Fall) Micropsia 8.35 Self Released USA 2013
5 Kate Carr Not A Cloud In Sight Landing Lights 8.57 Flaming Pines Australia 2013
6 The Polar Dream Rain Of Stars (Wishing Well) The Polar Dream EP 3.55 Self Released Mexico 2007
7 Justin Walter Western Tears Lullabies And Nightmares 3.59 Kranky USA 2013
8 Airplanes Over Johannesberg Filling The Void The Anatomy Of Melancholy 7.33 Self Released Canada 2013
9 Halaska Myantology Single 2.31 Self Released USA 2013
10 Arroway From This Vantage Point How Far Can We Go With One Breath 4.44 Self Released France 2013
11 The Polar Dream Aurora At My Window Forest Tales 5.50 Self Released Mexico 2012
12 Sashash Ulz Sleepy Thoughts Piece Of Water 4.26 Flaming Pines Russia 2013
13 Australasia Spine Sin4tr4 4.23 Self Released Italy 2013
14 Oathless Skybird Peripheral : Music For An Imaginary Film 4.49 Hawk Moon Records England 2013
15 William Spivey Moonless Opal Sun 5.04 We Are All Ghosts USA 2013
16 Nektarios Manaras Anenome Dance Hovering 6.24 Flaming Pines Greece 2013
17 Ocoeur Astral Projection Light As A Feather 5.45 N5MD France 2013
18 Tim Bass Smoke Plume Expanding Pastures 6.56 Flaming Pines Australia 2013
19 The Polar Dream Pilots Kiev 6.29 Self Released Mexico 2013
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