One Hundred and Sixteenth Show Playlist – 7th May 2013

This is the first podcast after being on KOOP radio for the past two years.

You can listen to the podcast anytime here at

The plan for these podcasts is to feature an artist or record label, and play a track from each of their releases interspersed with tracks from other artists.

And to get this up and running I chose to feature the music of David Palmer aka Sky Flying By and I played tracks from his very first release right up till his brand new EP.

Youi can also check out an excellent interview with Sky Flying By here at

1 Sky Flying By Remembering Forgotten Toys How Much More Difficult Will This Get? 7.13 Robots With Rockets USA 2009
2 A Model Kit Over And Over Roads For 4.07 Hidden Vibes Ukraine 2013
3 Kusanagi Lisbeth Kusanagi 7.22 Self Released England 2013
4 Pan American Project For An Apartment Building Cloud Room, Glass Room 6.03 Kranky Records USA 2013
5 Sky Flying By High Wind Advisory Do They Still Make Lighthouses? 7.01 Robots With Rockets USA 2010
6 Darren Harper Meander_Between Awaken My Heart To A Belief In Hope 6.28 Analogpath USA 2013
7 Mute Branches You Were Doing Well Until Everyone Died Conditions In Limbo 4.25 Self Released England 2013
8 Daze Of Heaven Catapult Me To The Moon Daze Of Heaven 6.03 Self Released USA 2013
9 Sky Flying By What’s The Farthest You Can See? What’s The Farthest You Can See? 6.48 Robots With Rockets USA 2012
10 My Cat’s A Stargazer Nite Kites Restore 4.47 Self Released USA 2013
11 Xander Harris Vultures Of Tenderness The New Dark Age Of Love 3.54 Not Not Fun Records USA 2013
12 A Shelter In The Desert The Other Side Of The Road Maze Of Memories 12.21 Oxide Tones Mexico 2013
13 Sky Flying By Welcome Can You Say It With One Word 6.56 Robots With Rockets USA 2013
14 Glories Let’s Not Rush Out And Tell Everyone Mother Reverb 8.24 Self Released USA 2013
15 Wired To Follow Abort, Retry, fail? Everything In Colour 4.55 Self Released England 2013
16 Sky Flying By Endearing Can You Say It With One Word 7.35 Robots With Rockets USA 2013




David Palmer aka Sky Flying By has just released, “Can You Say It With One Word?” If I was to describe this release with one word, I would say it was FANTASTIC. This is definitely a change of sound for Sky Flying By. It has a neo-classical/ambient feel to it. 4 tracks coming in at just under 28 minutes long. It features the talents of Rachael Boyd
on violins and Ro Rowan on cello. Ro has played on a previous release, so I am guessing that he is very familiar with her capabilities. But this is the first time working with Rachael, and I get the feeling it may not be the last. The strings on this release are well arranged and sound just amazing. And with David playing all other instruments, it all makes for an amazing mix of sounds. It has a very cinematic feel to it, like it should be the soundtrack to a movie and it maybe it will be one day. So while I like the more post-rock style of his previous three albums, and there was a hint of a change in style that was evident in the 2012 release ‘What’s The Farthest You Can See’, I must admit that, personally, I think this could be his finest work to date and further demonstrates the many talents of Sky Flying By.


How Much More Difficult Will This Get? – 2009

Do They Still make Lighthouses? – 2010

What’s The Farthest You Can See? – 2012

Can You Say It With One Word? – 2013

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