One Hundred and Eighth Show Playlist – 23rd February 2013 – My Education Rockumentary

This show is dedicated to the music of My Education, who are an Austin based instrumental band. My Education formed in 1999 and have released 8 albums throughout their career. This rockumentary traces the steps from the formation of the band right up to the present day. The podcast can be heard at the link below. I have also included the playlist from the show and a My Education Discography charting the band members album by album.

1 Concentration Waltz 5 Popes 7.30 Ballyhoo Withdrawl Records 2001
2 Green Arrow Italian 12.26 Thirty Ghosts Records 2005
3 Armistice Day Moody Dipper 3.31 Thirty Ghosts Records 2006
4 Sluts And Maniacs Bad Vibrations 6.30 Strange Attractors Audio House 2008
5 City Woman Sunrise 6.24 Strange Attractors Audio House 2010
6 Nonet Sound Mass 8.10 Differential Records 2011
7 City Woman (Remix) Sunrise Remixes 4.32 Strange Attractors Audio House 2012
8 A Drink For All My Friends A Drink For All My Friends 6.25 Haute Majie 2012
9 Black Box A Drink For All My Friends 6.26 Haute Majie 2012


Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 7.40.25 PM

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