Seventyseventh Show Playlist – 9th October 2012 –

1 Russian Circles Mládek Empros 7.40 Sargent House USA
2 Algernon The Briefing Ghost Surveillance 4.24 Cuneiform USA
3 Gösta Berling’s Saga 354 Glue Works 5.54 Cuneiform Sweden
4 Spyn Reset Case Closed Four Dimensional Audio 4.36 23 Sounds Records USA
5 Mogwai Killing All The Flies Happy Songs for Happy People 4.35 Matador Scotland
6 Tortoise Minors Beacons of Ancestorship 4.23 Thrill Jockey USA
7 Jaga Jazzist Animal Chin Living Room Hush 4.07 Ninja Tune Sweden
8 Three Trapped Tigers 2.2 Numbers 1-13 5.24 Blood and Biscuits England
9 Transam June Liberation 2.43 Thrill Jockey USA
10 Gifts From Enola Melted Wings From Fathoms 5.33 The Mylene Sheath USA
11 Caspian Malacoda Tertia 5.04 The Mylene Sheath USA
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