Fiftythird Show Playlist – 24th April 2012 –

1 Adolf Plays The Jazz Form Follows Function Form Follows Function 6.42 Self Released Greece 2012
2 Cousin Silas Of Ancient Ways The Path Between The Trees 3.13 We Are All Ghosts England 2012
3 Sioum Shift Endless Field Studios, Volume 2 5.16 Endless Field Studios USA 2012
4 Connectedness Locus The Causeways Of Sleep Endless Field Studios, Volume 2 3.41 Endless Field Studios USA 2012
5 Endless Field Studios Ending days Endless Field Studios, Volume 2 4.56 Endless Field Studios USA 2012
6 Kwajbasket & Gimu Luminous Beams 4.27 Self Released USA/Brazil 2012
7 Gargle The Bleak Sky That Shimmers Glow In The Gloom 6.19 Fluttery Records Japan 2012
8 Ex Confusion If There Is Love Embrace 3.23 N5MD Japan 2012
9 Labirinto Tuira Kadjwynh 4.34 Self Released Brazil 2012
10 Labirinto Piam Ket Kadjwynh 4.51 Self Released Brazil 2012

Record Of The Week

Labirinto – Kadjwynh

Labirinto release the follow up to their highly acclaimed album Anatema. It is in the form of a 4 track EP. It is called Kadjwynh and its a great release. Anatema consisted of 6 tracks all greater than 10mins in length, this four track EP only has one track that hits the 10min time. It kicks off with the very brief track ‘Daemones’ which serves as a moody drone/dark ambient dramatic introduction which leads into the next track called Tuira, this track develops from a guitar based to sublime violin sounds towards the end, with subtle piano playing in the background. The next track Piam Ket starts off in a very rhythmic way with drums pounding and accompanied by guitar. The track quickly builds up pace with big guitars in the forefront, but it returns to those rhythmic drums occasionally, and there is an ambient interlude towards the end which just gives this track a great sense of depth and variety of sound. The EP closes with the 10minute track Cairo, this is Labirinto at their finest. Lots of amazing strings and ambient sounds before taking us on to the next part of the song. This is a fantastic EP and well worth getting a hold of. Labirinto seem to have a style all of their own, and it is also a sound that has you wanting to hear more. That more will have to come in the form of their next release. Hopefully that won’t be too far away.

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