Thirtyfourth Show Playlist – 13th December 2011 –

1 Tactics Identical Movements Tactics EP 6.48 Self Released USA 2011
2 Atlantic Drop Fields Of Life And They Fell From The Sky 3.44 Self Released France 2011
3 Bitcrush Two Go From There Enarc 5.44 Component Records USA 2004
4 Caspian Book Nine The Four Trees 5.44 The Mylene Sheath USA 2007
5 Ancient Mariner She’s In Love, I’m In Outer Space (A Three Part Tragedy) Somewhere Between Space And Time 4.04 Self Released USA 2011
6 Grande Duke Circle Of Willis Circle Of Willis EP 5.45 Self Released England 2011
7 Apparatus Of Sleep Ecco’s Family A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters 3 3.25 Self Released England 2011
8 Brontide Jura A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters 3 4.16 Self Released England 2011
9 Obfusc Oceanic Glow Midnight Dome 4.25 Boltfish Recordings USA 2011
10 Obfusc Our Signals Coalesce Midnight Dome 4.57 Boltfish Recordings USA 2011


“Midnight Dome” is Obfusc’s third album release, offering a development of sound and style from his previous albums ‘Internal Countryside’ and ‘Cities of Cedar’, with a flowing fusion of tracks and ambient elements.

The album is a progression for the artist in terms of both production and presentation. Each track segues perfectly into the next, enhancing the listening experience with a seamless flow that meanders between more concrete beat-based melodic tracks and ambient washes and textural interludes. In the artist’s own words:

Working ambient interludes into the sequence, building them from field recordings of fragments of memory — friends laughing on a beach at night, stomping down volcanic rocks in Iceland, rough takes of guitar recordings from who-knows-when — makes it much more of a personal experience for me. I like to be able to tell someone I care about, “Remember the sea lions that we stumbled upon in Oregon?” That sound is buried deep, but it’s there. It immortalizes some of my favourite moments of the last couple of years, a period of intense personal growth and self-realization.

The packaging that the Obfusc CD came in was very different to anything that I had previously seen.

From the Obfusc website : packaged in laser-cut acrylic cases designed/fabricated by the inimitable David Tagg (of Install Sound/EED fame), hand-assembled by me. I wanted the physical release to feel special. I think this route accomplishes that and more

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