Thirtyfirst Show Playlist – 22nd November 2011 –

1 The Echelon Effect Branches And Constellations Seasons Part 3 6.28 Self Released England 2011
2 Sages March Sages 2.59 Self Released USA 2011
3 Kerretta A Way To Uprise Saansilo 5.32 Midium Records New Zealand 2011
4 Rhian Sheehan Childhood Seven Tales Of The North Wind 5.25 Loop Recordings New Zealand 2010
5 Jakob Drive Here And Then Subsets Of Sets 4.23 Midium Records New Zealand 2011
6 Michael Oldham Aurelia Aurelia 3.19 Self Released England 2011
7 Rocket Miner Skyway Songs For An October Sky 4.11 Self Released USA 2011
8 Umber Earth Feet, Lifted – Part 1 Earth Feet, Lifted 5.50 Hawk Moon Records England 2011
9 MinionTV Keep The Negatives Arecibo 4.25 Self Released England 2011
10 MinionTV Arecibo Arecibo 7.14 Self Released England 2011


MinionTV are a 5-piece atmospheric instrumental rock band from Liverpool.

Arecibo is their latest self released EP. It is named after the observatory in Arecibo in Peurto Rico. They released an amazing album last year and this follow up is just as good.

Consisting of 5 tracks spanning 22 minutes.  The tracks vary in length from just under a minute (Send) to over 7 minutes (Arecibo) After many many listens I thought that Arecibo was my favorite track then it changed to Keep The Negatives then it was Tomorrow Will Bring Bulldozers. I guess what I am trying to say that this is an amazing release and the only issue is that it is all over in 22 minutes. But then that gives you time to really decide on that favorite track, or in my case change that decision after every listen. The packaging is also rather smart.

It really is a captivating listen if you like atmospheric, cinematic instrumental music. Go check out MinionTV, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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