Twentyseventh Show Playlist – 25th October 2011 –

1 Leyland Kirby No Longer Distance Than Death Eager To Tear Apart The Stars 7.53 History Always Favors The Winners England 2011
2 Sandro Perri Futureactive Kid Part 1 Impossible Spaces 3.15 Constellation Records Canada 2011
3 Enrico Conoglio The Void Snowscapes Of Tomorrow 3.54 Psychonavigation Italy 2011
4 Cul De Sac A Voice Through The Cloud Crashes To Light, Minutes To It’s Fall 9.23 Thirsty Ear USA 1999
5 Colin Stetson The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights Remix) New History Of Warware Vol 2: Judges 5.31 Constellation Records Canada 2011
6 Barn Owl Visions In Dust Ancestral Star 4.01 Thrill Jockey USA 2010
7 Leighton Craig The Last Easy Piece 11 Easy Pieces 2.59 Room 40 Australia 2008
8 Nemeth .Via L4 Norte Film 5.58 Thrill Jockey Austria 2008
9 Peter Broderick and Machinefabriek Kites Black Grey Canvas Sky 8.35 Fang Bomb Germany/Holland 2009
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