Twentysecond Show Playlist – 20th September 2011 –


1 Mogwai Death Rays Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will 6.01 Sub-Pop Scotland 2011
2 Caspian La Cerva Tertia 5.00 The Mylene Sheath USA 2009
3 Gifts From Enola Weightless Frame From Fathoms 4.55 The Mylene Sheath USA 2009
4 Jaga Jazzist Oslo Skyline What We Must 5.32 Ninja Tune Norway 2005
5 Russian Circles Fathom Geneva 4.55 Suicide Squeeze USA 2009
6 Trans Am Is Trans Am Really Your Friend Liberation 4.16 Thrill Jockey USA 2004
7 Tortoise Salt The Skies It’s All Around You 4.45 Thrill Jockey USA 2004
8 Lymbyc System Rest Easy/Age Kindly Love Your Abuser 2.23 Mush Records USA 2007
9 Lymbyc System Birds Love Your Abuser 5.07 Mush Records USA 2007
10 Arms And Sleepers Kino Matador 5.13 Fake Chapter Records USA 2010
11 Black Moth Super Rainbow Iron Lemonade Eating Us 3.24 Graveface Records USA 2009
12 Gosta Berlings Saga Gliese 581g Glue Works 5.53 Cunieform Records Sweden 2011



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