Third Show Playlist – 10th May 2011 –

1 The American Dollar Call A Memory Stream 5.25 Self Released USA 2008
2 The Polar Dream The Singing Trees Follow Me To The Forest 4.11 Self Released Mexico 2010
3 Circadian Eyes A Careful Hope Hope For Japan 3.28 Self Released USA 2011
4 We We Will Reunite One Day Hope For Japan 5.00 Self Released Scotland 2011
5 Damn Robot! No Slack, But Luckily The Seats Go Back Hunang Skrimsli 5.41 Self Released England 2011
6 Lowercase Noises Song For No One Migratory Patterns 5.01 Self Released USA 2011
7 Mogwai Hunted By A Freak Happy Songs For Happy People 4.16 Play It Again Sam Scotland 2003
8 The Eternal Twilight Every Morning The Sun Shines After You Everything Resembles You 3.52 Oxide Tones India/Pakistan 2011
9 The Echelon Effect Dividing Line Singularity 1 6.02 Self Released England 2011
10 Sky Flying By More Questions Than Answers Singularity 1 7.44 Self Released USA 2011


Singularity is a compilation of awesome solo post-rock / instrumental artists

After a few years of “grafting” (probably the only word i can think of to describe sometimes how it feels at 2am) i decided to put together a compilation of some of my favourite solo artists. These people know how hard it is to produce a record from scratch (with the occasional guest musician), i’ve never met these people in my life, and yet being a solo artist myself i like to take time to listen to their wonderful music, i then feel like i we’ve met loads of times!

Because we don’t have bass players to mail copies of our latest EP to stations, because we have to produce everything, our music, i feel sometimes gets lost, probably because we are too into the music. I thought that for once we could be a sort of band, and help each other out..this is the result.

Dave Walters
(The Echelon Effect)

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