First Show Playlist – 21st February 2011 KOOP 91.7FM

1 Moonlit Sailor Sunbeams So Close To Life 5.29 Deep Elm Records Sweden 2009
2 Bark Psychosis The Loom Hex 5.15 Circa Records England 1994
3 Boards Of Canada Chromakey Dreamcoat The Campfire Headphase 5.47 Warp Records Scotland 2005
4 Mogwai San Pedro Hardcore will never die, but you will 3.27 Sub Pop Scotland 2011
5 Lowercase Noises Nickels and Dimes Carry Us All Away 3.53 Lowercase Noises USA 2010
6 The Octopus Project Fuguefat Hexadecagon 3.37 Peek a boo records USA 2010
7 Calls Climbing The Final Boss’ Tower Booster Pack 2.42 Self Released USA 2011
8 Goonies Never Say Die Dance Parasites Of The Dysfunctional Mind No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears 3.39 Deep Elm Records England 2011
9 Noveller Same Desert Fires 3.02 Saffron Recordings USA 2010
10 The Seven Fields Of The Aphelion Mountain Mary Periphery 4.09 Graveface Records USA 2010
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