Thirtieth Show Playlist – 15th November 2011 –

1 Pie Are Squared I’ll See You When I See You (Hungover In) Siberia 6.53 Self Released Egypt 2011
2 Calista Divine Conflicts On Venere Calista Divine 6.05 Self Released Italy 2011
3 Falcon Arrow Wesley Crusher Axehandle Hound 2.39 Self Released USA 2011
4 Paragraphs Lets Meet Halfway (And Fall Apart) You Can’t Make A Ghost Without It’s Sheet 5.02 Self Released USA 2010
5 Humanda The Closing Chateau Mammal/eagle Island 5.37 Self Released USA 2011
6 Michael Oldham That Distance Morning Sequence2 4.30 Future Sequence England 2011
7 Get Effect Under The Lake Sequence2 6.05 Future Sequence Scotland 2011
8 The Television Sky Greener Pastures We Trust That The Moon Shall Guide Us 4.18 Emaciated Records Australia 2011
9 The Television Sky Five Versts From Departure We Trust That The Moon Shall Guide Us 8.08 Emaciated Records Australia 2011


The Television Sky is an original instrumental rock band formed in 2009 in Melbourne. Their music is a smouldering fusion of classical and post-rock influences.

Their debut record We Trust That The Moon Shall Guide Us is a stark exploration of their formativeworks and will be on Sunday 6 November 2011.

We Trust That The Moon Shall Guide Us was produced by The Television Sky and local sound engineer Peter Sergeev.

The Television Sky really upkeep the high standards that we have come to expect of post-rock bands from Australia. This is a real solid album clocking in at just under 35 minutes and has 6 tracks. Ignore this release at your peril.

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