Twentyfirst Show Playlist – 13th September 2011 –

1 Sevendeaths A Sinking Relief Sequence 1 4.27 Future Sequence Scotland 2011
2 Killington Fall Ghost Rockets Keep Your Eyes To The Sea 5.00 Self Released England 2011
3 Among The Smallest See You Out Of Here 7.30 Self Released USA 2011
4 …And So I Watch You From Afar A Little Bit Of Solidarity Goes A Long Way And So I Watch You From Afar 3.26 Self Released Ireland 2010
5 Pleq and Marihiko Hara In The Mirror I Stand Alone The Dawn Came Behind The Fog 4.28 Somehow Recordings Poland/Japan 2011
6 Flyingdeadman One Lovers Gone The Forgotten T(h)ree 4.16 Self Released France 2011
7 Zvuku Woodpile Sequence 1 5.03 Future Sequence Ireland 2011
8 Shutter New Starts Pillars 4.12 Self Released Scotland 2010
9 All Shall Be Well (AASBWAAMOTSBW) There Will Always Be At Least A Thousand Things You Dont Know Roodblauw 7.53 Self Released Holland 2011


All Shall Be Well (And All Shall Be Well And All Manner Of Things Shall Be Well) possibly have the longest name in Post-rock and the debut album they released, ROODBLAUW is possibly one of the best in 2011. What is amazing about this release is not only are the 5 tracks amazing, but the CD is packaged in this DVD sized booklet, they really spent a lot of time and energy on this and the end product is stunning. So to the music, 5 tracks clocking in at just under 41minutes. the longest track is nearly 13 minutes long. From the opening ambient tones of the first track to the last track which has some psychedelic moments, it really is an album that you should have in your collection. They have the album for name your price on Bandcamp, you can’t ask for better than that I guess. Go download and enjoy this great band.

The following is a band synopsis on their Bandcamp page :

All Shall Be Well are an instrumental indie band from Haarlem, the Netherlands. They build on themes, thresh out their melodies and look for unsuspected harmonies. Their music is highly associative; they liken their music to stories rather than songs.

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