Eighteenth Show Playlist – 23rd August 2011 – www.koop.org

1 Paragraphs It’s Sunset At Midnight You Can’t Make A Ghost Without A Sheet 5.21 Self Released USA 2010
2 Mainland Divide Freethinker Freethinker EP 4.08 Self Released USA 2011
3 Equals False Light Live on Fade To Yellow 3.56 Self Released USA 2011
4 Equals Mechanised Doom Live on Fade To Yellow 3.45 Self Released USA 2011
5 Equals Table Monster Live on Fade To Yellow 4.06 Self Released USA 2011
6 Infinite Third (Planted) Clearly 2.06 Self Released USA 2011
7 Infinite Third (Generate) Clearly 1.37 Self Released USA 2011
8 Evolv Export Evolv 2.11 Self Released USA 2011
9 We They Speak Themselves With The Stars As An Audience 3.37 Self Released Scotland 2011
10 David Newlyn Theres Always Something Another Day Gone 4.26 U Cover Records England 2008
11 Connectedness Locus Where Dreams Go To Be Forgotten Terraforms 4.45 Endless Field Studios USA 2011
12 Connectedness Locus A Truer Form Terraforms 6.21 Endless Field Studios USA 2011
13 Connectedness Locus Time Mirage Terraforms 3.35 Endless Field Studios USA 2011



Terraforms, the second full length album from Connectedness Locus, has just been released on Endless Field Studios. The album was made available for download immediately following the artist’s first sighting of Perseids Meteorites. A ‘strictly limited’ run of 100 artifact-albums were produced: each contained a CD, a booklet of esoteric nature, a poster, and a unique 35mm negative. The creation of Terrafroms began before As Quippolous Codes Quietly Count was even finished and before When the Paint Peels was even imagined. The music largely revolves around haunting motifs, scrupulous timbral interactions and extensive resampling. Experimental sequencing, granular synthesis, vinyl sampling, live instrumentation, classical analog synthesis and circuit bending are just a few of the techniques enlisted to create the rich sonic palette of Terraforms.

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