Sixteenth Show Playlist – 9th August 2011 –

1 Nemean Lion To Sad Humanity Alone Cast Of The Moon 6.28 Future Recordings USA 2010
2 Time Columns Fall Sunriseinthesea EP 6.17 Self Released USA 2011
3 Connectedness Locus Crisis Of Destinies Terraforms 4.56 Endless Field Studios USA 2011
4 Sugar Plum Ferry Deerfield At Dusk Islands On The Oceans Of The Minds 6.01 Avant Garden Records Taiwan 2010
5 Falcon Arrow Salvavidas Falcon Arrow 3.59 Self Released USA 2009
6 Anna Rose Carter & Pleq Sesom My Piano Is Broken 3.18 Rural Colours Wales/Poland 2011
7 Coma Recovery Red Lightning Child/Great Emptiness Goddverb 5.17 Deep Elm Records USA 2011
8 Woodworkings Baltimore Summer we sit on floors…we stand on chairs 3.18 Future Recordings USA 2011
9 Glorie Full Circle Glorie 4.07 Makeshift Records USA 2011
10 Glorie Music For A Horror Movie Glorie 4.14 Makeshift Records USA 2011
11 Glorie Highrise Glorie 5.37 Makeshift Records USA 2011


Glorie have released an awesome debut album. Well that is my opinion, just go have a listen and I think you may share my sentiments. It is an album which is ambient, melodic and at times complex. It is a very enjoyable listen. These guys have put a lot of time and thought into how this music should sound and there are many different musical styles on the album.

Tracks that stand out are Music For A Horror Movie, Full Circle, and Lazy Day although i would say that there was not a bad track on the album.

Looking forward to that second release already.

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